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Willy Paul to sue for Ksh 96m in damages over attempted rape claims

Willy Paul to sue for Ksh 96m in damages over attempted rape claims

Over the weekend, Willy Paul broke down live on camera claiming that he is being witch-hunted by a section of his fellow celebrities.

The star says he doesn’t understand how he is being accused of sexual misconduct yet all he did was go on a date with his accuser.

He did not mention any names on who his detractors are for legal reasons.

Anyhow, he has released a press statement saying he is not playing around with anyone and especially anyone out to ruin his brand, Willy Paul.

“WILLY PAUL is not Wilson Ouma, WILLY PAUL is a BRAND NAME with commercial interests both locally and Abroad. I, therefore, issue this statement as a STERN WARNING that there will be Serious Legal Consequences both individually and collectively to whoever might purport to give false unsubstantiated claims,” the statement read.

The statement was issued due to rumours of more girls planning to come out to accuse Pozze of harassment.

It read in part, “It has come to my ATTENTION that a number of ladies have been handed scripts by one D and crew, the said ladies have been promised money among other gifts in order to come forward and CLAIM THAT I ASSAULTED THEM. I CANNOT and WILL NOT CONDONE such kind of claptrap aimed at tarnishing my good name.”

Pozze also claimed he isa victim of cyberbulling.

“CYBERBULLYING is a Criminal Offense Punishable by Law, I CANNOT and WILL NOT sit back and watch my Constitutional Rights being Violated, I will fight to the end to see that justice is served. I cannot take away your Freedom of Expression but such Freedom must be exercised with Regard to other People’s right to DIGNITY.”

He noted, “BE ADVISED: THAT while you Pursue your clout chase aimed at uplifting your social Profiles using my name, Willy Paul is a Business Brand that is losing Financially! These losses will be paid by you in Your individual Capacity. We shall go to court and Sort out this NONSENSE once and for all. I have had enough of these games that threaten my career and Violate my Rights!”

Pozze calculated the damages to be worth millions.

“I’ve lost a deal worth 10m from a telecommunication company. 4m from a mattress company. And an international recording and distribution deal worth 82m. Thank you very much. You’ve won,” he told his detractors.

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