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Wanjala Masten: Tactics Used in Police Custody Escape

Confessed child killer Wanjala Mastern is alleged he paid the police who were on duty for his freedom. 

Wanjala, 20, was detained at Jogoo road police station, Nairobi for almost a month. 

He later managed to escape on Wednesday October 13.

It was realized that according to reports, he managed to escape after handing the officers who were on duty manning the station unspecified amount of cash, then was included among the petty offenders who were to released on that Wednesday morning. 

Later managed to reach home after hanging to a cargo trailer that was enroute to Bungoma,  unaware of the fate was awaiting him.

He was stoned to death by angry mob days after his escape from custody.

Incidence was confirmed by area chief Diera Wanajala of Mukhweya village, Bungoma County. 

On other hand,  police who were involved in Wanjala escape were arrested,  inspector Philip Mbithi, Constable Boniface Mutuma,  Precious Mwende,  and later released on a cash bail of Ksh 100,000 each on Friday 15, October. 

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