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Vitu Kwa Ground Ni Different! Kabi Wa Jesus Exposed For Using His Child For Clout Chasing!

Kabi wa Jesus is yet again in the limelight for wrong reasons as he is accused by his cousin and baby mama one Dorcas Njoroge for irresponsibility on his part as a parent while painting a totally different picture on social media.

Dorcas claims that Kabi has been frustrating her by giving Abby (their child) empty promises. She goes ahead to give a scenario where Kabi claimed to have missed his flight because Abby was in hospital but Dorcas says he wasn’t with them at the hospital and even settling of the hospital bill was after a lot of back and forth.

Referring to a video Kabi recently posted on his socials, while shopping for a school bag for Abby, Dorcas reveals he kept complaining about the amount school fees in her school and even after transferring her to a cheaper school as he requested, the purchase of school supplies was a problem yet again for Kabi.

In the midst of all these shenanigans, Abby is left at the mercy of her parent’s decisions and Dorcas urges the Wa Jesus’s to just step up and be responsible for his child as he was ordered by the court instead of trying to deceive people online saying:

“I hope this puts the true picture into perspective, my message to Kabi and Milly is to be real and honest, do what is right and stop trying so hard to mend the issue of how you denied Abby publicly with petty lies.You both cannot and will never be able to buy back the acts you did with money, fame or even attacking me on social media.”

Are you wondering how Dorcas Njoroge and Kabi ended up being co-parents and cousins at the same time, here you go! The two in their yester years got involved sexually and Abby was conceived as a result.

Because of fear of speaking her truth, Dorcas raised Abby single-handedly until last year one of her cousins came clean on Abby’s paternity, and demanded Kabi to step up as Abby’s dad.

What happened after was a series of theatrics from the Wa Jesus’s denying those claims until the court was involved and Kabi ordered to take responsibility of his daughter Abby.

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