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STOP THIS NONSENSE: Raych Gitau Message To Netizens After Auntie Jemimah & Size 8 Lost Their Babies

STOP THIS NONSENSE: A good doctor has something to tell you’ll: Size 8 and Auntie Jemimah both lost their baby girls less than 72hours ago.
The majority of netizens found it useful to warn them against “showing off” their pregnancies next time.
They further went on to advise them to keep their pregnancies a secret because people have bad eyes and bad omen always follow those who flaunt their baby bump shoots.

This is a comment made by a Kenyan woman and I quote, “This social media thing is a scam huku watu wako na mahusda sana jicho la uasidi ni mingi sana huku”

FYI Did you know that stillbirths (Auntie Jemimah’s case) and hypertensive diseases in pregnancy (Size 8) happen to women everywhere, all over the world, regardless of whether they post their baby bumps on social media or not?

Do you know just how many women who have active social media accounts but didn’t flaunt their baby bumps still go through pregnancy and child loss?
Alright, do you now know how many more who don’t even own social media accounts still go through pregnancy and child loss?

Why are we like this though? Why do we often rush to place blame on victims when they are actively and freshly hurting and grieving? What is wrong with us surely? Even if social media caused the babies to die (absolutely nonmedical) is this the BEST time to comment about it?

Are you not busy enough minding your own business? If not then lemmi give you my free advice – go catch belle in silence and keep your own pregnancy a secret, don’t leave your house, infact quit your job and stay home watching over your pregnancy, avoid going to church or family gatherings, don’t allow your neighbors or grocery vendors to see your protruding abdomen because they have bad eyes and you’ll definitely lose your baby if they see you pregnant BUT please allow the two ladies to grieve in peace.

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