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Signs that you are dating a conman

A few days ago, a friend shared how a man she loved stole from her. Gloria(not her real name), had offered to host her boyfriend Sam after he lost his job during the first wave of the Corona pandemic. Everything was normal as the couple shared an apartment for a few weeks until one Sunday afternoon when Gloria came back from church and found her apartment almost empty. She had lost all her electronics and a loan of over 200,000 that she had acquired to start a business. Sam had swept her house clean and was nowhere to be found.

Below are a few signs you shouldn’t ignore

He’s Too Perfect

When dating, most ladies often look for perfect men. They normally judge their candidates from the way they look, dress, and how they present themselves. Unfortunately, most Con Men are well aware of this and have mastered the art of being too nice, romantic and will often take the relationship to another level as soon as the relationship kicks off. This is done for them to accomplish their mission as planned. In most cases, after a few weeks of dating, they will propose to move in with their partners.

Missing In Action

Most Con Men have other commitments and due to this, you might not be able to reach them on call every time. The mobile number and email address they may have shared with you might be a temporary one. They mostly go MIA during weekends and switch off their phones so as to protect their cover.

Moving Too Fast

When the deal is too good think twice. For a con Artist to approach you, they must have discovered what you need. If you are in your late twenties or early thirties chances are you are eager for marriage. Even without intending to show, you may have actually indicated that you are more than ready to settle down. With this information, he is likely to propose marriage within a short time of knowing each other.

Sudden emergencies that require Money

After paying for a couple of dinner dates, a Con will often come up with an emergency. Most of those emergencies will require a large sum of money. They may even come up with a business opportunity that you are likely to benefit from only to later discover that you were duped

Avoiding personal conversations

Realizing that your partner knows everything about you but you know little or nothing about them should indicate a red light.If he is always avoiding topics involving his relatives then you should get cautious.

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