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Sarah Kabu Excites Netizens with her Investment Idea Involving Junk Aircrafts (VIDEO)

Bonfire Adventure’s MD, Mrs. Sarah Kabu, on Wednesday excited netizens with her idea of refurbishing the junk aircrafts being sold off by KAA to Airbnb’s, restaurants and museums which is a very unique idea in the tourism sector.

In the video she posted on social media, she was inviting like-minded individuals to take advantage of the throw away price tag on the junk aircrafts and turn it to a lucrative business opportunity. From interior designers, hospitality experts and creative wizards, Sarah revealed she is open to patnerships, suggestions and any meaningful ideas on the same.

Milly wa Jesus was among the many social media users who were excited by this brilliant idea, and she revealed that the wa Jesus’ family was going to join hands in this venture. Below are few comments from other social media users;

doct.torre: Brilliant mama.Developing Kenya💯🇰🇪❤️❤️❤️

naomi.mwihaki: Awwww👏

kenya.hub: what a beautiful idea Ms. @sarahkabu!!

sharon_m.u.r.u.g.i: that’s why the rich continue being rich.

aggie_ndunge; Great minds live here, what an idea, you so knowledgeable…. wow👏👏🙌🙌🙌🙌❤️❤️:

The beginning of the month of November saw KAA announce the auctioning of junk aircrafts for Ksh.5000 each and who would have thought that it would birth such a brilliant idea. A total of 64 planes were to be sold off due to accumulated parking fees from the respective entities and as a way to ease congestion at the Airports.

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