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Prezzo Fuels Rumors of Re-uniting with Ex-Wife (PHOTO)

Legendary rapper, Jackson Ngechu alias CMB Prezzo, on Monday fuelled rumors of a possible re-union with ex-wife and baby mama Daisy Kiplagat.

He posted a throwback wedding photo of them with the caption ‘Jema’ and got netizens talking.

Daisy and Prezzo got married in 2008 in a lavish wedding and in Prezzo’s words, he did not hold back anything to satisfy his wife and they moved into a 6 bedroom mansion, just him, his wife at the time their daughter Zari and two house helps.

A few years later, the couple differed on Prezzo’ career. In an interview, Prezzo revealed that he wanted him to do anything but music. Prezzo chose music over his marriage and they ended up parting ways and he consequently fell into depression.

“Daisy wanted me to stop doing music and probably be an accountant or a teacher somewhere, a carpenter…anything but not music. And I was like I spent so much time building this brand and I’m not gonna just leave it like that. So from that point onwards, I left them with that mansion that I was living in and I took another penthouse. So for also most a year, I lost myself. For one year, I used to have my bodyguard bringing me food, bringing me whatever I need in the house, I never left the house for a whole year. I was like I was in a house arrest and slowly getting into depression,” said Prezzo.

Fast forward to 2018, Prezzo reunited with his daughter Zari, and it was clear that they had missed each other since Daisy had the full custody of the child and the rapper did not want the tussle of fighting for custody to mess her relationship with his daughter.

In August this year, Prezzo was blessed with yet another baby girl and we are yet to know who the mum is, but from the look of things, his estranged wife Daisy could be the mum and this explains why Prezzo is trying to find his way back to his marriage and we love to see it!

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