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Museveni: Schools in Uganda to Reopen in January 2022

President Yoweri Museveni on Thursday said that schools in Uganda will reopen in January, almost two years after they were closed in march, 2020.

“Be informed that the schools will be opened in January and the rest of the economy will be opened in the same month.” Said Yoweri Museveni.

There has been a low vaccine uptake in Uganda with less than three million vaccines given for a population of roughly 45 million.

“Vaccination is key to the reopening of the economy. By the end of December 2021, 12 million people should have been vaccinated,” said the president.

Ugandans have so far been reluctant to receive vaccines despite the president stating that 4.7 million vaccines are available, with 23 million doses expected by the end of the year.

“Walk to health centers or be carried there, go by motorcycle taxi, go by bicycle or go by vehicle and be immunized. Even if you do not come out for vaccination, we will open schools and the economy.

If anything goes wrong, the moral responsibility is yours.” He spoke.

Over 3000 deaths have occurred in Uganda in the past two years from the virus. Last month, Museveni lifted most of covid 19 related restrictions in the country but left schools closed.

Several schools in the country have converted to hotels or restaurants due to heavy debts incurred during the closure. With the situation, many teachers have switched jobs.

Some of these teachers have said they do not intend to return to classrooms, doubting if they would be able to make a living from the career.

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