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Murang’a: Ruto Turned down Kang’ata’s donation during fundraising

During fundraising in Murang’a County Wednesday, Deputy President Willian Ruto turned down donations of Ksh 40,000 from Senator Irungu Kang’ata.

The Senator should have donated an amount worthy of the status he seeks in his quest to vie for the Murang’a Governorship seat in the coming General Elections polls, according to Dp.

Ruto urged the senator to add other Ksh 60,000 to his initial contribution to sum it to Ksh 100,000.

“Unataka governor? Ksh.40,000 haitoshi governor. Enda ulete hiyo ingine. Ksh.40,000 haiwezi governor. Tafuta pesa ama namna gani? Si wewe ndio umeamua hiyo maneno?” Ruto stated.

He also added that he could lend Kang’ata an extra Ksh 60,000 in case he was running short and claim it later from him.

“Ama kama umeishiwa naweza kuongeza wewe alafu nikudai mbele. Si ni namna hiyo. Sawa pigieni mheshimiwa makofi ametoa elfu mia moja,” the DP said.

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