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Mombasa Launch COVID-19 Vaccination Drive

Mombasa County health department represented by Health executive Godfrey Nato and Chief Officer Pauline Oginga launched a COVID-19 Vaccination campaign drive at the Miritini Standard Gauge Railway station.

The campaign targets 800,000 residents including tourists. 

“Our target … is about 800,000. Once we get about 75 percent of our people vaccinated, we will be good to open the economy,” Dr Nato said.

The country has the AstraZeneca, Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson vaccines at different 20 vaccination centres.

“My appeal to the members of the public is to get ready to receive the jabs at their doorstep. We are launching the door-to-door campaign for the vaccine for the safety of Mombasa residents,” Dr. Nato added.

The residents are urged to disregard the misleading information more so on social media about the effects of the vaccine as it is tested and confirmed safe. 

“Some residents have been discouraged from getting vaccinated by rumors and misinformation on vaccines,” Dr Nato said.

The campaign is a collaboration with the Centre for International Health, Education, and Biosecurity (Ciheb).

Ciheb-Kenya CEO Dr Emily Koech said vaccines will be pushed in locations levels where the organisation has a presence.

“We applaud the Ministry of Health for its commitment to fight this pandemic,” she said.

“Ciheb-Kenya will continue to work with county governments to encourage Kenyans to be vaccinated. All vaccines are safe and effective. We would like to urge Kenyans who have gone for their first dose to go for the second dose.”

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