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Mashujaa Day celebrations in Kirinyaga

Mashujaa (heroes)was today Wednesday 20, October held in Kirinyaga County. 

It was attended by many Kenyans, guests and leaders.  Whereby President Uhuru Kenyatta recognised several Kenyans as Shujaa’s including Fedinard Omunyala the fastest sprinter and Dennis Oliech. 

The following are speeches from different guests and leaders. 

Anne Waiguru -Governor, Kirinyaga: 

Today we get to celebrate Kenya’s shujaa’s, we meet to celebrate those who make it possible to know peace & experience unity…our mothers, youths, healthcare workers, the media & also our artists…. 

Raila Odinga, ODM leader:

My hero, the former president Mwai Kibaki, must be celebrated as a hero in this country. When I said Kibaki tosha, they said ‘Raila is finished politically, no Luo can vote for a Kikuyu because of what happened to Tom Mboya and Jaramogi.’ I went and told the Luos that it has never been a war between Kikuyus and Luos, that Kikuyus and Luos have been partners in the struggle for independence in this country, that it is Jaramogi who said Kenyatta must be the leader of this country, and Kibaki is a son of Jaramogi who took him to Makerere and brought him to Kenya and made him the Chief Executive Officer of KANU

But then Kibaki got an accident and could not campaign, we campaigned for Kibaki while he was on a wheelchair, and everywhere the people were saying ‘Raila ni mutongoria jamba’ (Raila is a brave leader). The Luos voted Mwai Kibaki 98.5%, showing that this tribalism thing is a skin thing. So Raila Odinga is a friend of the mountain, and has been able to climb the mountain.

Recently, I visited Mukami Kimathi, and she sends her greetings to this audience, she says she’s unable to come and join in these celebrations because she’s ailing from some of the wounds inflicted during her detention in Kamiti, where she was also a guest together with Mama Ngina Kenyatta; not many people know that Mama Ngina Kenyatta was also a political detainee in those days

Deputy President William Ruto:

 I would like to thank President Uhuru for making the decision to hold national celebrations in various counties…when we came here 4yrs ago & this place was very muddy but today we have a world class stadium because of your commitment to development

President Lazarus Chakwera: 

The struggle of independence in Kenya & Malawi is one of the things that bind us together because the struggle for independence in Kenya & Malawi was layered by patriots who sacrificed their freedoms to safeguard ours

President Uhuru Kenyatta: 

With the Covid-19 crisis, our state of mind as a government has been one of finding opportunities in every problem occasioned by Covid-19…while the global economy contracted by 3.6%, our country’s economy grew by 0.3% & this year it is expected to grow by 6%

The govt as a guarantor for enjoyment of social economic rights, issued targeted response to the pandemic to cushion Kenyans against the effects of Covid…my gov’t made policy interventions with the view of putting money in Kenyans pocket

The tea sector has been the predatory ground for cartels for many decades but it has now been liberated & its performance improved. The price of tea has increased by 42% in the last 1 year due to the reform measures implemented by my government.

We began the process of digitizing the Land Registry & what has surprised us is the historical fraud that has existed in our land sector. My govt has already issued 5.3 million title deeds under the manual registry in only eight years 

I hereby order & direct the nationwide dusk-dawn curfew to be vacated with immediate effect.

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