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Machakos County Governor, Dr. Alfred Mutua has been accused of highhanded means of acquiring back property from the Ex-Machakos County first lady, Lilian Ng’ang’a among other hostile acts.

Speaking to reporters during a press conference held on Thursday, Lilian under the counsel of lawyer, Philip Murgor read to journalists a prepared statement that highlighted instances where the Governor had repossessed some of the wealth that the two shared before their split. Further, the Governor is accused of threatening Lilian and those closely allied to her. In her statement the former county first lady stated read a list of damning allegations highlighting events that transpired between the two.

” At a meeting at Windsor Golf and Country club on Sep 22, in the company of our two mutual friends, and after the two criminal incidents, I requested Alfred Mutua for a mature and amicable separation and reminded him that after all we were not married, Mr. Mutua angrily termed me as his enemy number one and threated to crash me to ash as he takes everything I have and everything I own”

The two announced the breakup on their respective social media pages in early June this year before details emerged that Lilian had left the Governor for a popular musician in the Country. In her press brief, Lilian dismissed reports that she was still in good terms Mutua and maintained that these were the governor’s theatrics.

“I ended my relationship with Alfred Mutua in early June this year (2021), on repeated occasions I have seen Alfred say that we are still friends and that our separation has been amicable, these are Mr. Mutua’s usual theatrics and lies as Alfred and I have not spoken since August 2021” read Lilian in her statement.

By the time of print, The Governor was yet to respond to these allegations and netizens on social media have been expressing their views on the same.

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