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The Kenya Revenue Authority has acquired gadgets to monitor Kenyans on Social media and on the road in a bid to nab tax evaders who are portraying a lavish life on social media.KRA Commissioner, General Githii Mburu told the Business Daily, “In the social media, we have some people posting some nice things. You would see some posting nice houses, cars, taking their families to nice places and so on. Here, we are not sleeping, when we see those, we see taxes. We have our officers looking, they have gadgets. The key in very quickly (the number plate) to check. We are working exceptionally hard.”

KRA will also use statements from individual electricity and water bills, vehicle registrations, as well as Kenya Civil Aviation Authority documents to track down tax evaders. According to Mr.Mburu, such measures have helped KRA achieve its target for the first time in more than a decade.

This year alone, between June and October KRA collected Ksh.631 billion and this surpassed their tax target with a total of Ksh.27 billion.

Soft life ambassadors, be on the lookout KRA is coming for you!

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