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Kenya is among the leading countries in crypto-currency interests

Kenya has been ranked position four in the whole world among countries that have the highest interest in Crypto-currency.

This is according to new research by crypto brokerage Broker Chooser which was based on an analysis of top global searches over the last 12 months for cryptocurrency-related searches which also tackled the number of crypto owners and the global crypto adoption index.

In this category, Kenya’s ranking is only behind Ukraine, Russia, and the United States which topped the charts with the highest crypto awareness scores. Other top 10 chatters on the list (ordered by ranking) include South Africa, the United Kingdom, India, Nigeria, Australia, and Singapore.

Kenya’s awareness score is tabulated at 5.5 points out of a possible 10 whereby crypto searches originating from Kenya in the last 12 months totaled to 99,810 or an equivalent 18 searches for every 10,000 persons.

Meanwhile, the number of crypto owners in Kenya is estimated at 4.6 million (4,580,760) as the price of Bitcoin as of Monday morning sat at just over $56,600 (Ksh.6.3 million).

However, Trading in crypto is ‘not illegal’ in Kenya but lacks the backing of the government including the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) which has reservations on the unregulated market.

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