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Kate Actress Hints At Running For Woman Rep: ‘Nyahururu Or Murang’a?’

Celebrated actress Catherine Kamau, alias Kate Actress, has alluded to a possible venture into elective politics.

Kate shared an Instagram post on Saturday, posing with Murang’a Woman Representative Sabina Chege before a ritzy establishment.

“Got a few tips for 2027. Zoea women rep wako Mapema,” she captioned the photo of the two, Kate in a sequined green A-line gown and Sabina in an ankara dress and her signature Maasai headband. 

“Also did you know she was an actress? You see where I’m going with this? Mtanichagua Kana no mùcene?”

Added the bubbly performer: “Where do I stand (nisimame wapi) Nyahururu kana Muranga?”

The post has since drawn over 100 comments from her fans, with some vowing to support her relentlessly in case she plunges into the deep waters of politics. Some, however, preferred that she stick to the screens:

That_chic_nimoh Tutakupea anywhere you stand

Lizarden81 can i start campaigning murang’a our love for you

Shikowinnie  Chagua party you are standing with kwanza ndio tujue kama tutakuchagua 

Missemmah4 Weuh ebu we hit Netflix first

Wambuijoseph11Simama Murang’a when that time comes, me and my whole clan, neighbours, friends and frenemies we shall be behind you

Aside from acting, Kate has been inking partnership deals with companies , the latest being just over two weeks ago where she was unveiled as the face of beauty brand Nice & Lovely.

Some big names in the entertainment scene have in the meantime ventured into politics ahead of the August pools, among them singer Bahati and comedian-cum-radio personality Jalang’o, who are vying for the Mathare and Langata MP seats respectively. 

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