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Kakamega: Beauty of Nature

Beautiful and attractive Rocks seen in Imanga Location form a scenic picture of nature. The thicket growing along with it including trees of wild fruits ( Tsinduli, Amasae, Obusangula) makes it appear natural good.

Rocks acquired its name due to its scenic appearance of sitting to each other, (okhucherehana) in Luhya community.

Eshicherehane( seat on each other) is Luhya name, named by the communities surrounding the rocks.

Eshicherehane rocks are found in the Western part of Kenya, Kakamega County, Butere Sub-County, Imanga Location in the centre of 3 kilometres radius to community facilities that’s schools hospitals and Market centres.

Rocks are on the boundary of two communities, and due to the rocks being attractive to the tourist the community of Mukowa and Muima are in the rival of its ownership.

According to the history, Muima community were the first one to see the Rocks as their ancestor Mwima many years ago while he was migrating from parts of Lunza region he first settled at Nyenyesi region before he observed a scenic smoke appearing on top of the Eshicherehane rocks, he was attracted to visit the place where he landed to Lwamaya region some few kilometres from the rock.

The rock is surrounded by some thickets, homesteads and next to Mwamurere stream and Musere stream making it more attractive to tourists and people living around it.

Rocks hold water on top of it that makes the breeze of the surrounding looks attractive.

The County Government of Kakamega in collaboration with Marama Central Ward is in the process of developing the place for more attractive to tourists.

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