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Junet: I Was Misquoted and My words Misreported

Suna east member of parliament Junet Mohamed has defended words he uttered last weekend in Nyamira county. Speaking to citizen tv, he argued that his words were misquoted and misreported by people from the other side of the political divide. 

Defending his words, Junet said, “I was misquoted by the tangatanga group. I did not talk about communities isolating other communities but rather talked about people from one region bringing their numbers together and forming the government.

These Tangatanga people are desperate. Our successful meetings in mt. Kenya region has scared them.”
He further explained his words stating that speakers after him explained what he really meant.

“Mutahi Kagwe spoke after me and explained what I meant. I am a minority in the region, why should I isolate other people?” he posed.
Asked about how to balance the political divide, he did not disclose any information about the possible running mate to Raila Odinga coming from the Mt. Kenya region.

He said all people are equal and a running mate could come from anywhere in the country as their leader (Raila Odinga) does not profile people.

This defense of words comes days after he spoke in Nyamira county on Saturday, stating that when Raila Odinga clinches the top seat the government would be for the people of Nyanza and anyone else would be a visitor.

“Tukichukua serikali, na sitaki watu wa magazeti wasikie hii, ata mutahi kagwe hapa atakuwa anakuja kama mgeni.” Junet lamented.
His words were faced by a harsh public backlash with leaders from various regions condemning him and others asking him to apologize and take back his words.

Before the publication of this article, Junet had not issued any public apology on the same nor taken back his words. 

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