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Hii Nairobi Ukiachwa unaoga na Unarudi Soko! See the Actress who Replaced Mammito in Eddie Butita’s life (PHOTOS)

Comedienne Mammito’s silence during Eddie Butita’s birthday last week raised eyebrows among netizens and the response given by the seemingly unbothered Butita on why she hadn’t wished him a happy birthday, did not help the situation.

That being said, on Monday 22 November 2021, yet another comedienne Cartoon actress puts up a post on social media which suggested that she had a thing going on with Butita. In the photo she is asking her fan to suggest a comedian she can perfectly match with and goes on to mention, she thinks Butita is a good match for her.

The post elicited a lot of reactions from her fans, a number claiming she is the reason why Mammito and Butita broke up, terming her an opportunist.

Here’s a sample of what they had to say;

“Na hizi posts Sasa tumejua mbona mammito akona shida. 😂😂😂 Cartoon ushatoboa siri.’’

“Unatamani mzee WA mammitto…you are not her true are just an opportunist.”

Enyewe ukiwa na pesa kila mtu hukutaka.😂😂😂😂. When @eddiebutita alikuwa ameparara no celeb would even jokingly post ati anamtaka.🤣🤣🤣 & now that the rumours are that they have broken up with @mammitoeunice …. sasa unapost JOKINGLY but reality is that you WANT @eddiebutita .😂😂😂 wanawake!!!!

As if to confirm that they are together, Eddie Butita was among the first people to comment on her post. It has to be remembered that while celebrating Butita on his birthday, Cartoon was indirectly mocking Mammito for snobbing Butita’s birthday she posted a pic of Butita with the caption;


Yet again Butita comedian replied with love emojis.Isn’t this a clear indication that the two are currently dating?

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