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Grilled corn : Mahindi Choma Business and where to find clean Mahindi choma In kisii

Mahindi choma is a Swahili name used to denote grilled corn. On the other hand, Kisii is amongst the fastest growing town in Kenya today. Kisii is popularly known for its rich ability to produce a variety of agricultural products, maize included. It is thought, many years ago, people used to gather around fire during the evenings for storytelling. If it were almost the harvesting season, they would juice up their conversations with roasted maize. Otherwise, dry corns, which were prepared differently, served the purpose.

As a result, roasted maize has a historic, sweet nostalgic ‘taste.’ Many people have it in their mind that, Mahindi Choma is always prepared by the roadside and that the level of hygiene surrounding its preparation is wanting. But, the unapologetically unending urge to always chew Mahindi Choma would let your eyes make decisions faster than your brain.

Everybody loves grilled corn. In Kisii, the second-largest market after Keroka, for maize produced within the Kisii region, you can find nicely grilled corn on the Gusii Stadium, along with Hema Hospital then, heading to the new Agha Khan Hospital. As soon as you approach Gusii stadium, you will see both young and middle-aged enthusiastic businessmen and women working hard to deliver the best-grilled corn that would keep you smooching your lips for a couple of minutes. Their vibrant nature with the business and the quality of their services will make you experience the value of your money.

Hygienically, Grilled corn prepared along Hema Hospital is the best recommended to individuals who will mind about their health first. The road along Hema hospital is less congested and orderly. Congestion from town is eased by the legendry road to Nyanchwa and the newly built Falcon Road, therefore, leaving small heaven for Mahindi Choma vendors along Hema Hospital. Dominated by less activity, buying grilled corn here, gives you a feeling of ultimate tranquility.

Everybody can bet a private hospital environment is the cleanest. To blossom the business, Mahindi Choma vendors along Hema Hospital have harmoniously co-existed with other business communities. They work closely with Boda Boda operators, who are also regular customers that buy Mahindi Choma and help them commute every day to the business.

In that sense, nobody is likely to waste time especially if they are in haste because Boda Boda operators will provide ‘change’.Also, to ensure a clean environment, Mahindi Choma vendors along Hema Hospital have partnered with farmers. Famous pig farmers from Nyanchwa collect waste from Mahindi Choma, at a small fee for their animals. Due to this reason, you will feel at ease and safe in equal measure if you buy Mahindi choma along with Hema Hospital.

Due to revolutionized methods of payment, Mahindi Choma vendors along Hema Hospital have moved with haste to register themselves with the benefits that come with modern electronic methods of payment. Pochi la Biashara, a promotion by Safaricom set to boost SMEs, has come in handy to ensure that these aggressive Mahindi choma vendors cover financial leakages resulting from customers who have fully adapted the electronic methods of payment.

By doing so, you have no worry of missing grilled corn because you lack money in cash.Along this road, Mahindi choma vendors have known that their product cannot sell if it is not to the right standard. Everybody here has an independent customer who chooses the best for themselves. Otherwise in Kisii, even small kids can roast maize, so, why buy poor quality grilled corn yet you can deliver a perfect one by yourself? This realization makes them deliver amazingly.

For health benefits, grilled corn contains vitamin C which is an antioxidant that helps the body to fight against diseases such as cancer and heart diseases. Grilled corn is also rich in vitamin B,E, and K along with other minerals such as magnesium and potassium, which will help strengthen your bones. It is both appropriate for growing kids and old people.If you developed the love for Mahindi choma, do not limit yourself to pleasantries along Hema Hospital. It is both good for you and the well-being of Bosongo community.

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