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Family of US Nurse whose Body was Dumped from Vehicle in Nyamira Asks Police To Speedup Investigations

The family of Thomas Oyaro, A Kenyan working in the US as a nurse, wants the police to fasten investigations into his murder.

Oyaro’s body was thrown out of a speeding vehicle on September 13, at Konate Junction, Nyamira County.

According to his widow, Jackline Mokeira, who spoke to the Media, the deceased left for the Us three years ago in search of greener pastures but he would, however, come home at least once a year for a month.

This time around, he left for the states where he worked as a psychiatrist nurse on April 16 only to return to Kenya on August 14. 

This was unusual, the family said.

“I don’t know why he came back so soon, He didn’t finish his usual one-year stay in the US. He didn’t tell me why he had returned home early,” she said.

On Monday, the couple left for Gesonso in Kisii where they were building a hospital. They were unhappy with the engineer who had in spite of receiving so much money, had done so little.

“We sacked the engineer. We also had to bring down part of the building because it had been poorly done,” mokeira said.

On the night of September 11, she remembered her husband Oyaro having nightmares and was disturbed. He, however, was okay in the morning. Later that day, she left to visit a relative and left her spouse with their child who is in Grade Two.

When she returned later that evening, Oyaro was nowhere to be found. On Tuesday, the family filed a missing person report at Nyamarambe police station.

Almost a month later, the family received information that the body dumped at Konate Junction indeed belonged to Oyaro.

“We have a relative at DCI in Nairobi, who helped to coordinate the identification process,” said Ms. Mokeira.

The family now wants to know how his phone signal was traced to a hotel in Nyamarambe on the day his remains were dumped at KonateAccording to the deceased’s father, Stephen Magwamu, they will lay him to rest on Friday.

“Police are not willing to serve. They just want to be pushed to follow up on this issue. They have the ability to track his phone and find out whom they were in contact with, but they have not done so,” he said.

The body parts have since been taken to Nyamira County Referral Hospital mortuary.

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