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Following the Supreme Court ruling on 8th November 2021 that gave a go ahead for swearing of Kananu, former Nairobi county speaker has spoken out.

Kananu will now be sworn in as the third governor and first woman governor.

On her side Elachi says that being a governor in Nairobi is not a walk in the park. She says, “Being a governor in Nairobi is not a walk in the park; there are so many intricacies under which are not seen.”

Elachi advices kananu that she should do what is best for the Nairobians. Elachi said that she learnt on her own when she was there. Elachi said, “One of the things that I learnt when I worked there is that you do what is good for the Nairobians.”

Elachi warn Kananu that she should not listen to those who do businesses because they have been there and worked with sonko and also brought him down. She said, “Don’t listen to those who want to do businesses, they have been doing it since, they did it with Sonko and removed him and they are now coming for you. Pray for yourself; if not, you will be in the same dock with Sonko. If you play around with those cartels; you will be in the dock they will take you to the dragon.”

Elachi further tells Kananu that there are many ghost project in the county which she might be fixed in. she said, “”There are a lot of ghost projects in the county, and you can easily be fixed in those projects if you are not careful,”

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