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Content Creator & Influencer Murugi Munyi Elated After Hubby Surprised Her With The Latest Iphone

In an era where brands have embraced social media marketing with their all, content creation has proven to be a lucrative way of income generation for many. To be on top of the game as an influencer therefore, you need to be tech savvy and that includes owning top quality gadgets to match the quality of your work.

This explains why, Murugi an influencer and mum of three was super grateful for Zach aka ‘Rhino’ his husband for gifting her an Iphone 13 pro max days after she had promised herself an upgrade from IPhone 12 but her finaces were a bit tight to fund such an investment at the moment.

“IPhone 13 Pro Max. I had decided not to buy it because I wasn’t ready to make that kind of investment and my 12 was still perfect to me but my maaaaans did it! I love you Rhino,” She wrote.

“It’s so beautiful I never expected it but God gave it to me. Let’s hear it for men who hear your silent needs and wants and brings them to life for you,” she added.

Murugi and Zach have been married for 5 years now, and it is evident that they are happily married. Murugi who until few months ago, used to let her fans in, in matters her marriage, almost ruined their relationship because it bordered on TMI (too much info).

She later on deleted all photos of her hubby and raised speculation of a possible break up, but she later revealed that it was agreed upon between the two of them saying;

“I deleted every photo of him on my page and people thought we had broken up. It was just a decision we made,”

Her decision to keep her private life off social media, was a quite a timely decision since she had previously exposed their marriage to public scrutiny which wasn’t healthy for both of them.

“The only thing I don’t share anymore is anything to do with my marriage/ husband. And that is because we realized the pressure of public scrutiny on our relationship was beginning to impact us negatively and we decided it was better to keep that part of our lives private,” She added.

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