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Charles Njonjo’s rare life facts you need to know

Charles Njonjo’s full name is Charles Mugwe Njonjo. He was born in 23rd January 1920 in Kabete.

Charles Njonjo got married to Margaret Bryson in the year 1972. He decided to get married due to pressure from president Mzee Jomo Kenyatta when he said, “I can’t be advised by a bachelor”

Njonjo was Kenya’s first post-independence Attorney General from 1963-1979 and the minister for constitutional Affairs (1980-1983).

He moved the criminal law (amendment)bill 1971 that introduced the death penalty for those found guilty of robbery with violence.

Njonjo opposed the use of Kiswahili 8n parliament, a move that was defeated in the house in 1975 when both Kiswahili and English were declared official languages.

Njonjo died with 100 years and 11months.

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