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Border Security Tighten by Government of Kenya

The National Police Service of Kenya on Wednesday issued a statement concerning the security in its border between Kenya and its neighbor country Ethiopia.

In its statement, National Police Service spokesman Bruno Shioso stated the government is concerned about “recent and unfolding events that disturb the peace and stability in neighboring countries and the greater Eastern Africa region.

“As an immediate neighbor to some of the affected countries. Kenya may be adversely impacted by the consequences of the events,” reads the statement.

He added the security has been tightened along its border and other vital areas. 

Kenyans were urged to be extra vigilant and report any suspected cases of undocumented foreigners in the midst to the police.

Ethiopia has declared a state of emergency after forces from the northern region of Tigray stated that they were gaining the territory and considering entering the capital city, Addis Ababa

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