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Aibu! Tanasha Donna Fails To Pay 800k For Her Butt Lift Surgery (Screenshots)

Former Nairobi Diaries reality star Risper Faith has made shocking revelations on how songwriter and performing artist Tanasha Donna failed to keep her part of the bargain in a plastic surgery process she underwent recently.

According to Risper, Tanasha approached her and inquired on her experience with butt lift and since the organization she worked with ‘Body by design Kenya’, were at the moment looking for another influencer to work on she recommended her.

It was agreed that the mother of one was to do a post on social media after a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift), but to date, Tanasha is yet to put up a post acknowledging Body by design Kenya, and they are asking for 800k compensation for the butt lift service.

Tanasha had before her transformation hinted to her fans that he is going for a fat procedure;

“Actually, I’m thinking of getting surgery done next year but no Silicon. I will do fat transfer and I’m gonna be quite open about it and honest. But at the end of the day, I believe what is important is who you are deep down and inside,”

The decision to go for a butt lift was reached upon after a series of cyber bulling, but why she refused to acknowledge her service providers is where the mystery is.

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