12-Year-Old Rapper Given 7 Years Sentence After Shooting Newborn Child in Mother’s Home

As shocking as the title is, it is true that the child in question nicknamed Lil Rodney was under the care of his mother when he got a hold of a gun and shot a newborn baby. The child claims to get guns from a friend of his who is familiar with his mother. It’s a hard case to critic on his innocence since back in 2019 he was also found guilty of other criminal acts that had him in court pleading for a second chance.

The boy would soon be released with an ankle monitor and remove it even when advised not to do so. He does this on numerous occasions and later on cries before the judge swearing on his mother’s name that he will not repeat this act only to do so again.

Lil Rodney also posts videos holding guns with his older friend, his gun supplier, dissing the judge who lets him out on several cases. He also goes live on his Instagram account posting videos smoking weed. Rodney was mostly raised by his grandfather since his mother spent most of her time in jail serving a sentence for her criminal acts while he was still a little boy. Some will argue the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

The 12 year old boy was given a 7 year sentence for the case he currently faces. The judge argues that he cannot tell when the boy is lying or speaking the truth since his previous encounters with him have proven the point that he puts up an act to plead for forgiveness when he is caught and lies that he will not repeat his mistakes but goes on to mock the judge on his social media accounts.

The mother to Rodney has had many questions thrown at her in terms of her parental absence in his life and her lack of accountability. She has not been brought to question in court but many believe she should also be questioned on her presence when Rodney goes on to do mischievous acts of rebellion in the name of being an upcoming rapper.

This goes on to bring the question, Should present day music be certified for release after in depth understanding of the message relayed to go the public or should this be an individual matter of concern? Should Rodney’s mother be brought before a court due to her lack of parental guidance in his life?

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